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for the detection of asbestos cement roofs


The Project

Asbestos is a highly carcinogenic material present all over our territory threatening our health. It is estimated that, in Catalonia alone, there are 4 million tons of asbestos cement roofs that will have to be completely removed in the coming years.

Having experienced this problem first hand, DetectA is an initiative that was born as a solution to the first major challenge of asbestos eradication: to identify where it is and who is responsible for removing it.

DetectA identifies asbestos cement roofs through a totally innovative model based on the use of neural networks and aerial images.

Detecting the presence of asbestos effectively, efficiently and quickly is possible thanks to technology and allows us to optimize resources to solve this silent threat that affects us all.


Document about the project



Who are we?

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Carles Scotto

I'm Carles Scotto Estanyol and I chose to study sociology to find out how human beings function as a group.

This interest in people and personalities has been transformed over the years into a professional career in the world of business management and sales.

The last ten years, I have devised and developed several lines of business, mainly within the framework of an interior design and renovation studio.

I have a passion for details and that’s why you will always find me at the stove.

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César Sánchez

I am César Sánchez Lozano, I have a degree in Journalism (UAB) and experience in different media (Press, TV, Internet, Radio, Social Networks).

I have been designing internal and external communication strategies for a decade now, mainly for third sector entities linked to sustainability, and using the universal language of emotions.

I learned to enjoy the road and not the goal by running thousands of kilometers.

Good stories run the world.




Mapping in Cubelles


Cubelles, will have its  mapping of asbestos cement roofs before the summer.


The town of Garraf has relied on DetectA to identify the roofs with possible presence of asbestos in its territory as a first step towars the definitive removal of this carcinogenic element from its population.


The first big step


As a result of the transposition of different European waste directives, in 2021 the Spanish State will face the approval of a new Waste Law which, apparently from what is stated in its draft, will finally take the first big step towards the eradication of asbestos in our territory.


Farewell to silence


Asbestos is no longer a silent threat.

We have long known about the consequences of asbestos and we have long heard many organizations calling for solutions but, like its fibers, its presence has been invisible to the authorities for decades.


Fortunately, and thanks to the work of several groups, this has been changing for years.

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