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  • Detecta Amiant | Cubiertas Fibrocemento | Detectar Amianto | Barcelona

    NEURONAL NETWORKS for the detection of asbestos cement roofs The Project Asbestos is a highly carcinogenic material present all over our territory threatening our health. It is estimated that, in Catalonia alone, there are 4 million tons of asbestos cement roofs that will have to be completely removed in the coming years. ​ Having experienced this problem first hand, DetectA is an initiative that was born as a solution to the first major challenge of asbestos eradication: to identify where it is and who is responsible for removing it. ​ DetectA identifies asbestos cement roofs through a totally innovative model based on the use of neural networks and aerial images. ​ Detecting the presence of asbestos effectively, efficiently and quickly is possible thanks to technology and allows us to optimize resources to solve this silent threat that affects us all. projecte Document about the project PRESENTATION detect A DOWNLOAD WE COLLABORATE WITH: detecta als mitjans Llistat d'entrevistes i articles sobre el projecte de Detecta als mitjans de comunicació perquè pugueu conèixer-nos una mica millor. La Vanguardia Creen una intel·ligència artificial per identificar amb imatges aèries teulades amb amiant BTV Una nova eina aprofita la intel·ligència artificial per fer un mapa de l’amiant a Barcelona El Punt Avui Creen un sistema que identifica la presència d’amiant a les teulades a través d’intel·ligència artificial UOC Intel·ligència artificial i visió per computador per a crear el primer mapa de teulades amb amiant MetaData Intel·ligència artificial i visió per computació per identificar teulades amb amiant Disruptores Innovadores Satèl·lits per a 'caçar' l'amiant que encara roman en la teulada dels edificis i continua sent mortal el bloc de detecta No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. Contact ​ ​ Tel: +34 634 573 779 Name Email Message Send Thanks for your message!

  • Adèu al silenci | detecta | noticia amiant

    THE FIRTS BIG STEP César Sánchez 15-03-2021 As a result of the transposition of different European waste directives, in 2021 the Spanish State will face the approval of a new Waste Law which, apparently from what is stated in its draft, will finally take the first big step towards the eradication of asbestos in our territory. ​ According to various press reports ( ), the new Waste Law will oblige all municipalities to carry out a census of facilities with asbestos and to present a plan for its removal. This information must be made public and shared with the competent regional administrations so that its elimination can be properly monitored. ​ This milestone is the result of dozens and dozens of social entities that have worked in recent years to highlight the threat of asbestos, for so long silenced. And more specifically of the social platform that has demanded the inclusion of the census as a first step in this new Waste Law ( ). ​ Now it only remains for this new law to see the light of day, for it to be provided with the means for its execution and for the real commitment of the administrations to the potential victims of asbestos to become a reality. < Previous News Next News >

  • Adèu al silenci | detecta | noticia amiant

    Farewell to silence César Sánchez 12-02-2021 Asbestos is no longer a silent threat. We have long known about the consequences of asbestos and we have long heard many organizations calling for solutions but, like its fibers, its presence has been invisible to the authorities for decades. Fortunately, and thanks to the work of several groups, this has been changing for years. Former and current affected workers, neighbors and families who live with it closely and the experience of several more advanced countries in the fight against this carcinogenic substance have transformed asbestos from a silent threat to a priority problem for the public administration. And to this breeding ground are added the European directives, which require its total removal from all public buildings or heavily trafficked in 2028 and the general removal in 2032. In Catalonia, a national plan is being drafted for its removal and a law for its eradication, while in Spain, the new waste law to be approved in 2021 is also expected to include a section dedicated to asbestos. For the first time, the administration seems determined to treat the issue as a general health problem, the first big step requested by all affected groups. And, from here, to detect all asbestos and to measure, for the first time, the magnitude of the problem. This is the moment. Next New >

  • Adèu al silenci | detecta | noticia amiant

    MAPPING IN CUBELLES 21-04-2021 Cubelles, will have its mapping of asbestos cement roofs before the summer. The town of Garraf has relied on DetectA to identify the roofs with possible presence of asbestos in its territory as a first step towards the definitive removal of this carcinogenic element from its population. < Previous News Next News >

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