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César Sánchez


As a result of the transposition of different European waste directives, in 2021 the Spanish State will face the approval of a new Waste Law which, apparently from what is stated in its draft, will finally take the first big step towards the eradication of asbestos in our territory.

According to various press reports (, the new Waste Law will oblige all municipalities to carry out a census of facilities with asbestos and to present a plan for its removal. This information must be made public and shared with the competent regional administrations so that its elimination can be properly monitored. 

This milestone is the result of dozens and dozens of social entities that have worked in recent years to highlight the threat of asbestos, for so long silenced. And more specifically of the social platform that has demanded the inclusion of the census as a first step in this new Waste Law (

Now it only remains for this new law to see the light of day, for it to be provided with the means for its execution and for the real commitment of the administrations to the potential victims of asbestos to become a reality.

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